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Lady in Red | Colorado Portrait Photography

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz
— Janis Joplin

This was such an awesome shoot.  The chance to photograph an awesome subject, with a vintage car on a beautiful day is the trifecta of photo awesomeness.

The idea for this set came from my roommate, good friend and awesome photographer Daryl Love (http://www.darylovephotography.com/ | instagram.com/darylovejr).  He told me he was planning on shooting this bright red 67' Mercedes in the middle of no where.  It was a no brainer to join.

My original thought going into the shoot was to film a short film with Cassandra and the car.  Since it was super windy, the main shot I wanted was a follow shot with the drone but it wasn't feasible in those conditions.  Instead I shot along side with Daryl.  The best part about partnering up on projects with another photographer is you end up bouncing ideas off of each other in the moment.  Daryl has a different eye to photography as me and it's fun to see what he sees and vice versa.

All in all, shoots like these to me are so essential to practice new techniques or even just get a concept out of my brain and into the real world.  Whether it works or not, I won't ever know until I try.

Check out Daryl's work : http://www.darylovephotography.com

Cassandra : https://www.instagram.com/queen_usagi



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