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Off-Season Adventures | Moab

If you’ve ever seen Delicate Arch with no one else around, then you’ve seen it as it was meant to be seen - pristine, secluded, and majestic. It’s those moments of facing indescribable beauty, breath catching in your chest, that make you feel incredibly grateful to be alive on a planet like this.

It’s pretty hard to have an experience like that during the peak tourist season, unless you get there super early or camp overnight. I’ve found that visiting places in the off-season is one of the best ways to get some of the most amazing places on Earth all to yourself.


This January, it was time for a getaway to Moab. There’s no other place like it on earth. Everywhere you go in Moab, there’s something unique to see, whether it’s the petroglyphs left behind by ancient humans, the spectacular rock formations, the bright blue sky contrasting against the red rocks, or the surprisingly good blues band at the local BBQ joint.

Best of all, we had the run of the town and the local scenery, which set us up for some pretty amazing shots. We caught Delicate Arch right at sunrise, and then hit Dead Horse State Park at sunset. There might have been a dusting of snow along the hillsides, but during the day it got warm enough to hike in just a t-shirt to Corona Arch. Places like Moab shine without all the hustle and bustle of tourist season, allowing you to slow down and soak up the experience. Plus, it cuts down on the editing time afterwards when you’re not editing out the zillions of tourists that made it into the shot. All in all, a win/win.

Where do you like to travel in the off-season? Drop me a line so I can plan the next off-season adventure.