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Route 66 | A metaphor to keep options open

What happens when you put all of your effort into one thing and it ends getting replaced with something better? Do you become obsolete also?

I recently traveled Route 66, all the way from Chicago to Los Angeles.  The sites along the way were mesmerizing.  Whole towns just frozen in time, forgotten for the latest and greatest thing.

It made me think, if I put all of my marketing into just one source and that source goes away with the times, what happens to my business?  A lot of photographers, and artists in general, tend to put a lot of their eggs in the proverbial "social media" basket.  Putting so much emphasis on followers and likes and engagement.  But what happens when that platform gets replaced by the latest and greatest?  When having 200k followers on instagram is as insignificant as 10,000 plays on a bands Myspace page?

Real contact and reputation can make or break a business.  Getting in front of real people with REAL contact information can separate Social Media successors from long term stability.  I chose to take this road trip as a way to step away from something everyone else was doing and experience a fresh outlook on both life and photography as a whole.