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David and Melissa | Colorado Engagement

“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.”
 Morrie Schwartz


I love photographing my friends. It always makes for such a fun session.  No need to have that awkward 20 minutes of feeling each other out, bad jokes and small talk. I'm slightly introverted so I'm probably adding to the awkwardness in those situations.... With friends though, we can Just wander around having some fun taking photos.

 I'm fortunate enough to be shooting David and Melissa's wedding later next year.  They are both nurses and hope to be travel nurses in the near future.  They wanted to capture their love for the City while also getting some epic snowy mountain shots.  We are in Colorado after all.  After wandering the city for a bit we charged up to the mountains and were greeted with some light snowfall.  I was beyond stoked to see the fog and snow at one of my favorite spots outside of Denver and they were just as excited which I think really shined in this set.  Congratulations again you guys and I can't wait to shoot your wedding next year!